Company Info

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither the bridge that leads to success, but we've got a start.

Founded in 1995

  • Formerly known as Intelligent Control Technology (M) Sdn Bhd.

  • Upon receiving MSC Status in 2006, Intelligent Control Technology (M) Sdn Bhd was restructured as Senzo Sdn Bhd for its R&D activities and Newict Marketing for its sales & marketing activities.

How The Story Begins

  • Integrated Circuit (IC) affect our lives. In fact, almost all household equipment in our homes today - TV's, radio's Hi-Fi Audio systems and washing machines, just to name a few, are controlled by such a device - Micro-controllers.

  • The people who design and program intelligence into these chips are dedicated specialists in their field. They lead the way to the future of smart home system and intelligent product design.

Leading But Not Following


Company formed to provide consultancy services in :
  • Micro-controller applications
  • Consumer product design
  • Manufacturing support with umbrella of factories, located in different areas with diverse technical capabilities, to meet client's engineering and manufacturing needs.


Company ventured into the realm of intelligent home product design.


Released first generation of multimedia intelligent home series that enhances the experience of control for audiophiles and movie buffs.

Thus, giving client total control of their audio equipment, home theater system, TV, satellites, air-conditioning, ventilation and even their lighting systems, at their fingertips.

A Natural Step Forward


A family of smart switches called SENZO was released to market in September. SENZO is a smart switch system with
  • Lighting control
  • Lights synchronization with security system
  • Internet connectivity
  • Hand held remotes
  • PC management software
  • Global access from anywhere in the world
Expand & add more switches or accessories anytime you want.


In Q4 2012, second generation called SENZO 2 with added mobile apps, wireless sensor and energy saving capabilities was released to replace SENZO.


In Q1 2015, SENZO TOUCH was introduced with touch screen enhancements. In tandem, IoT gateway and cloud server connectivity were also added to support the whole range of SENZO 2 and SENZO TOUCH products.
There are also a mosaic of changeable skins - that users can choose from to customize the Senzo Touch switches in their homes.


Developed push notifications for Android and iOS, informing users of selected events happening at home.