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FAQ - Senzo Products

Frequently asked question from our customers.

What is Senzo Touch ?

Senzo Touch is a smart switch with tempered glass touch screen capabilities. Easy to install. Direct replacement of switches without rewiring. Operate without neutral. Changeable skins, can use photos of your own choosing.

What is IoT Gateway ?

Works in tandem with cloud server. Allows complete control and monitoring of SENZO Smart Switches, Wireless Sensors etc from smart phones and tablets.

Can I control Senzo system using my smart phone ?

Yes. You have a choice of Android or iOS app. You can remotely control your Senzo system in your house from anywhere in the world.

What is Wireless Sensor ?

There are 5 types of wireless sensors for different applications. For safety & security, energy saving, lighting controls etc... Fast & easy to install, no wall hacking. Can change location easily. Reliable.

What is the benefits of RF (Radio Frequency) ?

You can control your house's devices from either inside or outside of the house. For example, you can open your autogate even when you are in a car.

Do I need to change my house wiring to install Senzo Touch ?

No. Senzo Touch is a wireless hybrid distributed modular system. No rewiring or data cables is required. There is also no need for extra relay or other switching devices. Our system uses RF to communicate through internal antenna.

How to turn on my lights with Smart Switch ?

There are a few ways to control your Smart Switch: 
(a) By physically pressing the button on your Smart Switch. 
(b) By Pocket Remote - you can customize a series of commands to control multiple devices in a single button. 
(c) By using your smart phone mobile apps (iOS or Android). 

Can I set timer for my Smart Switch ?

Yes. For each button on your Smart Switch, there are two 24 hours timers and a delay timer.

What is a 24 Hours Timer ?

24 Hours Timer set a time in a day to turn on and/or turn off your devices. It will run on the days you specified.

What is a Delay Timer ?

Delay Timer wait for a specific amount of time (15, 30, 40 minutes or more) to turn on or turn off your devices

Do I need to change my alarm system to link to Senzo ?

Yes and no. We will provide a link to interface with your alarm system.