What Can I Control? | Senzo IoT

What Can I Control?


Manage your home lighting from where ever you are in the world.
Control individual lights located in different parts of your home.
From your own bed, kitchen, car, of even if you are at the poolside at a resort on the other side of the planet.

Home automation gives you full authority over your home’s lighting from wherever, whenever.
Dimming. From 0-100% dimming to create scenes that you are most comfortable with.


Cool your home from wherever you are. Turn the air conditioner off when you leave work or turn on when you are on your way home.

Has someone in your house forgotten to turn the air conditioner off after they have left the house, you can now switch it off via your mobile phones.


Why need bulky remote control attached to your car key or house key? You can now open your auto-gate when you are in-front of your house with your mobile phone.
Better still, if you forgot to close your house autogate after you left for work, you do not need to drive back to close it. Imagine the simplicity.


External timer looks bulky & ugly? All Senzo switches come with build in timer.
You can now configure your lightings, fans, air con & other electrical appliances with preset timer settings.

Turn On and turn Off by using Senzo 24-hour timer or Delay timer. 
For every day use to turn on or turn off your lighting or appliances - use 24-hour timer.
For one time use, to turn on or turn off your lighting or appliances - use Delay timer.


Use the 24 hour weekly time to give your house a live in look. Everyday lights can turn on and turn off at different time.

Provides security to safeguard your home.

Upon detecting an intrusion, an automated siren sensor will turn on lighting for selected areas or the whole house so you can react on any moment's notice.

With Senzo  wireless sensor products you can light up your house when motion is detected at any corner of your house.

This will also enable your home CCTV to capture a better image.

Ever thought of turning on your house lights when you reach home? Before you even get out of your car?

You'll be surprised how much safer you'll feel coming home to a well lighted home. 

Try using a Senzo pocket remote today, which also act as a key chain for your car keys or house keys.


Connect your smoke detector to your alarm system,  sound the siren and turn on lighting for selected areas or the whole house when smoke is detected.