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What is Home Automation?

Internet of Things" or IoT technology is about our devices and appliances networked together to provide us a seamless interconnected world. Allowing us control of our homes from anywhere at anytime. With home automation, you dictate when, why and how a device should react. You set the schedule and the rest is automated based on your personal preferences.  Alert you of events that you might want to know about while you are away like unexpected access to your home, or any part of it. Thus providing you the convenience and peace of mind.


We've all gotten used to controlling our TV from the couch. Just wait until you are able to dim the lights as well. Imagine adjusting the brightness from your bed or control the switching of your air conditioning system from any room. Or imagine the heater in your bathroom turning on automatically on a chilly morning, 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off, so that the hot water is ready when you wanted to take a shower. Senzo products have energy saving applications. Besides being green and eco-friendly you will also save some money. We will all agree that this is a win-win solution and that's a nice convenience.


Always on guard and at the ready. Home automation also provides security to safeguard your home. Upon detecting an intrusion, an automated siren sensor will turn on lighting for selected areas or the whole house so you can react on any moment's notice. Imagine you were alone in the house, total blackout, this will be your home guardian.  With Senzo  wireless sensor products you can light up your house when motion is detected at any corner of your house.

Ever thought of turning on your house lights when you reach home? Before you even get out of your car?  You'll be surprised how much safer you'll feel coming home to a well lighted home. Try using a Senzo pocket remote today, which also act as a key chain for your car keys or house keys


Home automation makes your home efficient. Saving money on your utilities by reducing wastage of unnecessary energy consumption. With Senzo mobile apps (iOS and Android) - making your home smart is easy. Convenience at your fingertips. Use your smart phone to manage your home. Senzo products for homes are fun to use. With the broad selection of home automation products offered by SENZO, you can control just about anything you wish in your home.


Make your home beautiful. Get the latest Senzo Touch switches. Its vast choices of artistic skins will definitely bring your home to life. Inspiration & expression of art and creativity that will nurture your heart, mind and soul.

    SENZO :   A smart choice, a lifestyle, a status symbol. A class above others.

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