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  • - Turn on/off lights and Autogate
  • - Adjust dimmer levels
  • - Set 24-hours timers
  • - Set delay timers
  • - Monitor Sensor state

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You are witnessing the birth of a new era. The advancement of internet has created a connected society. Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Internet Things (IoT) are linking and connecting all devices in our homes, offices, hospital, city and all the infrastructure that we are living in - making it ubiquitous in our life. Just like your mobile phone. The mobility that connects you to all the things important in your life.

Combining technology, social aspects and personal needs into a forward looking society, and in tandem, providing a high quality of life.

* Conducive environment to live and work in
* Better security
* Environmentally friendly
* Smarter infrastructure
* Energy efficient
* Affordable

Together we build a brighter & smarter future.

Senzo is currently expanding worldwide, and we seek those with sharp business acumen to be Senzo dealers.

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